Paint, the oil paint we called as usual is one kind of them. It refers to a type of liquid or solid material applied to the surface of an object to form a film under certain conditions to protect, decorate or other special functions (insulation, rust prevention, mildew resistance, heat resistance, etc.). Because early paints mostly use vegetable oil as the main raw material, they are also called paints. Now synthetic resins have replaced vegetable oils, so they are called coating. Coating are not liquid, existing as powder type in most..

The coating is an organic chemical polymer material, and the formed paint film belongs to a structure of the polymer type. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coating is fine chemical product. Modern coating is gradually becoming to a kind of versatile engineering materials and as an important part in the chemical industry.

There are four main functions: protection, decoration, disguise of product defects and other special effects, enhance product value.

Since the founding of P.R.C.(People's Republic of China) sixty years ago, accompanying with the development of various industries in the national economy, the relevant coating industry has gradually developed from an extremely unobtrusive small industry into an important industry in all fields of the national economy. After several generations of hard work and forge ahead, China has become the second largest coating producer and consumer in the world, and has entered the mainstream of the world's coating industry.

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